• Keep message simple and clear. Too many characters will force a small font size.
  • Select an ink color to that will compliment your image.
  • Unless specified, stamps with text only will have Arial font, text will be centered on stamp area and come with black ink.
  • When using an image on a stamp:
    • Images must be black line art on a white background.
    • No photographs, no color, no grayscale.
    • Image quality must be 300 DPI or greater.
    • Unless specified,
      • rectangle stamps with text and image will have image at the left, text will be flush left to image and come with black ink.
      • Square stamps with text and image will have the image centered and text above, below or both.
    • Specify if you want a border around our text or image.

To place an order:

  • Ordering by email:
  • Order by phone:
    • Call us at 877-640-6427

Examples of stamp layouts:

layout examples